PALS visit to Elstree

Last Saturday we welcomed children and helpers from PALS, a local charity we have been supporting for many years. With it being autumn and the school grounds covered with leaves, it seemed appropriate to enjoy some activities which used them.

The first activity was foil leaf art, which involved sticking leaves to card, covered by foil which was then painted black. We will have to wait for their next visit to finish them off as the paint wasn’t quite dry. The idea will be to scratch off the paint with another piece of foil to reveal the features of the leaves. 

After a well earned refreshment break, the children then made autumn leaf window art. Leaves were laminated, cut out and then stuck to a paper tree. Everyone enjoyed the ‘Autumnal’ themed morning.

My thanks to Darcy, Maisie, Monty, Caspar, Hugo and Lachie who helped the PALS have a great morning. We look forward to seeing the PALS in a couple of weeks for some Christmas-themed fun.