Outdoor learning for Elstree Early Years

The children in Nursery and Reception enjoyed their first day of outdoor learning for the term today. They skipped into school and got straight on with buttering their bread and making their own sandwiches before putting them in to paper bags to enjoy outside. We love to encourage independence in our Early Years and, wherever possible, give the children opportunities to do just that to be successful on their own.

Fruit-picking helps handwriting

The apple trees and blackberry bushes in our school grounds are adorned with fruits, so the children enjoyed picking apples and collecting berries in their own little pots. Their teachers talked to them about the thorns on the bushes and all of the children picked with great care. Not only is blackberry picking a wonderfully fun activity for all ages, it is a perfect way of developing fine motor control in little fingers, ready for a secure pincer pencil grip. Who knew the children were secretly having a handwriting lesson.

Early Years Picnic

After a delicious picnic in their Early Years Bubble, the children came back to school with their gatherings. They are looking forward to cooking blackberry and apple crumble with them very soon.   

Themed outdoor learning every term

We can’t wait for many more days of outdoor learning in our Pre-Prep. This year, all of the Pre-Prep will take part in a themed outdoor learning day every term. The first, our ‘Autumn and Colours Day’ is due to take place on the 22nd October.