Open Weekend

This weekend has been an ‘Open Weekend’ where anyone who boards is able to join the full-boarders for the weekend. On Saturday night the boys all made home-made pizzas which went down very well which was followed by a film and pop-corn.

On Sunday morning the school attended the Service of Remembrance in the Front Hall. It was, as always, a very special occasion for the Elstree community and Mr O’Driscoll spoke movingly about his time as a naval diving officer and offered some tips to the boys on how to overcome fear. After the service, the boys did some revision in preparation for the exams next week and were given access to their phones to call home. After lunch Mr. Bell and Mr. Champkin took everyone to Gravity Force near Bracknell and they spent an enjoyable afternoon jumping on the trampolines and playing lots of games. They made it back to Elstree just in time for supper and some final preparation for the exams next week.