Open Boarding Weekend

The first weekend of the term saw extraordinary scenes at the Esltree Races saw big “money” being placed, won and lost (!) on Saturday evening. There was a lot of cheering on horses and some very complicated-looking winnings spread-sheets, with all of the boys and staff getting very energetically involved!

Sunday saw the boys off to Reading Climbing Centre where we saw who had a head for heights. The boys enjoyed the afternoon and the challenges of the climbing wall (at one point even undertaking a blindfolded climb – all safely harnessed of course!)  On Sunday evening things got intense as the boys attempted to Escape from Colditz, this time on the original board game. Everyone crowded around the library table and gasped as the Prison Guard foiled several escape attempts. With a break for some hot chocolate, It was a great way to spend a rainy evening and finish off a busy weekend.