Open Boarding Weekend

Following a Friday evening doing various boarding clubs from swimming to DT, this weekend the boarders celebrated the Headmaster’s Birthday with a delicious BBQ, decadent cake and the annual ‘Gapper Games.’ This year’s Gappers organised an exhaustingly energetic concoction of games including Dodgeball, musical statues and a version of Stuck-in-the-Mud in which the boys had to remember a particular dance routine in order to become ‘unstuck!’ It was certainly interesting to watch and opening the Strictly-Come-Dancing season in Elstree style!

After a relaxed start on Sunday morning the boys went to church, with many of them singing in the choir. Sunday afternoon involved a trip to Toys ‘r’ Us to add to the boarding house toy collection. The boys were given a budget each which they could either spend individually or in groups, to get something bigger for the house. When they returned, armed with all sorts of things including a remote control car and an actual Venus Fly Trap (which will take several months to grow and is very fussy about its fluids, insisting on only distilled water or rain water!) the boys spent their free time playing with their acquisitions. After supper it was time to get ready for bed and relax in their pyjamas ready for a sensible bedtime and another week at school!