Old Boys’ Football

Never mind the Premiership or the Euro Qualifiers the real football drama was to be found on the hallowed turf of Lower on Sunday 6th September; Fryer versus Benyon part 2! The youthful 2005 leavers were taking on the experienced, but aging, 2003 lot.

The sun shone brightly and the football flowed almost as freely as the perspiration. The standard of play was extremely high much to the relief of the referee who had coached the majority of them albeit many moons ago. The final score of 2 goals apiece leaves the door open for round three next September and I for one can’t wait.

The offer of a debrief at St. George’s Park was politely turned down in favour of a pint at the Rowbarge where tales of goals scored in bygone years could only be rivalled by those fishing in the Kennet canal.

Thus ended what can only be termed the ‘warm-up’ to the real contest against the Old boys of Ludgrove on Sunday 4th October. Anyone wishing to play should contact Alex fryer on alexfryer112@gmail.com