Oceans and Emotions – Year 3 and Year 4 Play

What an amazing few performances from the Years 3 and 4 pupils!  All the children acted and sang brilliantly, especially considering the number of lines they all had to learn.  The parents certainly enjoyed being able to watch a live performance and the marquee was a perfect setting for the entertainment.

What is “Oceans and Emotions” about?

“Oceans & Emotions” is a pirate-themed play written by Mr Chris Schuman specifically for our Year 3 & 4 pupils. Amongst all the colour, fun and razzmatazz of quirky characters there are serious themes explored: wellbeing, mindfulness, anger management, mental toughness, anxiety, and the four happy chemicals of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin. These last four hormones, together with Calypso, appear as muses to guide the fellow pirates through the choppy seas of self-doubt and beyond. Sailing the treacherous seas is a metaphor for life and, so long as we take the rough with the smooth (or the yin with the yang) all should be fine! But will the two stowaway kids (Molly and Edward) make it safely home to their parents on Paradise Island? And what will become of the evil Captain Scallywag? Will Dr Chopitov ever get any patients to cure?

Where did Mr Schuman get his inspiration to write the play?

The play was written after attending a course on Wellbeing in London a couple of years ago. It aims to empower children and encourage them to talk openly and honestly about mental health. Inspiration for the script and twelve songs came from a plethora of books Mr Schuman read over the past year as well as from the wonderful pupils in his class who are a constant source of wonder.

Watch this space!

Maverick Musicals, the largest publisher of school musicals in Australia, have expressed an interest in this work. They are soon to publish “Wasteland”, Mr Schuman’s eco-themed musical.