Nutrition is top of the agenda for Mental Health Week

What better way to start Mental Health Week, than a visit from a Nutritionist.  On Monday, Elstree’s catering company Holroyd Howe, arranged for their Nutritionist Sally, to talk to Years 3-5 and Pre-Prep pupils as part of their PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, and Citizenship Education) lesson. 

 The Eatwell Plate

First, Sally used the Eatwell Plate to show pupils the different food groups. The Eatwell Plate is a visual device used to encourage people to eat a healthy, balanced diet.  She then asked Years 3, 4 and 5 (in separate Year Groups) questions about food types and healthy eating. Thoughtfully, they explained what each food group was, why it was needed and what foods fitted into each section.

Food games for PSHCE

Pupils paired up to play a game placing different foods into the correct sections from the Eatwell plate.  Head of Learning Development Mrs Sarah Attwood said: “We almost got it completely right, but a few foods such as chick peas and eggs caught us out.  What’s more, we discovered that some foods fit into more than one section.”

Pupils learnt about the benefits of trying to have a colourful plate every mealtime.  Next, Sally explained that trying new foods can take up to 14 tries before our body decides whether it really doesn’t like something.  Mrs Attwood concluded: “Her message was very clear – to keep on trying.”

Elstree Prep pupils impress Sally with their knowledge of food

Mrs Goodbourn, who attended Year 4’s talk, said:  “Year 4 was very well-informed, knew the different food groups and what each food group does for the body, e.g. protein builds muscles. Eddie, Henry and Jack were stars and impressed Sally with their knowledge!”

What did Elstree Prep pupils have to say?

Thanks to Mr Smith, we heard from a couple in Year 4.

“The nutrition talk was super with lots of facts and games.” Henry in Year 4

“I liked how it told me how to get stronger. I also liked that is was really fun and educational. My favourite bit was when everyone told her what they thought.” Jack in Year 4

Pre-Prep learn about herbs in PSHCE

As Sally brought a vibrant display of fruit and vegetables with her, Pre-Prep got the chance to show off their knowledge too.  They also learnt about herbs, recipes using herbs, and got to touch and smell them.  Johnny in Reception said: ‘The mint smelt like toothpaste.”

Getting juicy

Pre-Prep pupils were keen to try two different natural fruit and vegetable based juices – one bright red and one a vibrant green.  Pre-Prep Teacher Mrs Hamilton-Shaw was impressed with how much they knew: “They did incredibly well guessing the ingredients, from kale to pear.”   

Megan in Year 2 confessed: “I liked the part when I drank the bits with the vegetables.”

Bruce in Reception added: “I liked the smoothie that was made of raspberries, strawberries and beetroot.”

Of course, not all the children loved both juices, but Pre-Prep Staff were very proud they had a try. 

The nutritious day concluded with pupils choosing a healthy snack to eat. Amber admitted: “I loved having a piece of yellow pepper, because I love yellow pepper!” 

Well, you can’t say fairer than that!