Nursery’s Trip to Wellington Park

What beautiful weather we had for Nursery’s trip to Wellington Country Park. Having been on a very exciting bus journey, the day started testing the children’s nerve to the full. We began with some ginormous slides, a high rope bridge and some wobbly bridges. The children showed great courage as they made their descents down the slides, some of which were tunnels where they could not see the ends.

Next was a trim trail to the dinosaurs, where a charge of Nursery children could have scared the biggest of T-Rex! The excitement when they saw the dinosaurs was infectious, although as one of the children said, T-Rex has not cleaned his teeth!

A fairy village followed shortly, with some new and very exciting homes, some of which were like rainbows. The children knocked gently and peered in through the windows, but none came out to play.

Across the Troll Bridge and on to test their strength and balance even further, with some very challenging equipment, before stopping for some much needed lunch in the shade.

After lunch, it was off on an exciting and much anticipated train journey, through tunnels, fairy lands, dinosaurs, fields of scarecrows and the windmill hill, with a few all important toots of the horn of course!

The last stop on our adventure was a new and very exciting looking adventure playground. I thought previous equipment was challenging but this took the skills required to a completely new level! It was very high but safely enclosed as the children climbed cargo nets, climbing walls and rope ladders, wobbled along bridges, zoomed down huge slides, swung on swings and of course flew on the favourite zip wire, hold on tight!!!

An exhausted but very happy group of children climbed aboard the bus to make the journey back to Home Farm. As we got on the motorway, the rain poured down which we thought was good timing. Not so great for carrying the seven sleeping children off the bus and back to the classroom, oh with thunder to help!

We can’t wait to take Nursery again next year!