Nursery’s Mummies Afternoon

What a wonderful time we had at the Mummies’ Afternoon in Nursery. We were blessed with dry weather, a necessity for the first surprise activity! I would like to say a huge thank you to all the Mummies who came along to what I promised would be a fun filled, active afternoon.

Well the afternoon started with a host of parachute games. I think I can happily say that, bar being a little hot, after making tents, launching balls and playing the washing machine game, the children and Mummies all had great fun and were ready for some refreshments to prepare them for the next activity.

A few weeks previously, a mummy was talking to me about how much her child enjoyed going to the ‘big sandpit’ but said she had never seen it, so off we went.  Shoes and socks off and everyone in. It was a lovely break from the rather intense heat on the playground and all enjoyed a fun time. Leaving was the only tricky part of the afternoon, not only with the children but some of the Mummies too!