The Newbury & District Agricultural Society

In our topic of Farming Year 1 enjoyed a thoroughly busy and fun-filled morning in a Breakfast Workshop with Jan Murray from The Newbury & District Agricultural Society. After an introduction reminding us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day the children got to work helping to make fruit smoothies and porridge. Every single child in Year 1 finished his or her bowl of porridge and there was not a drop leftover!
They learnt about the energy that cereals give us. Jan demonstrated this by organising the children into teams to play some energetic games including an egg and spoon race. The children were in competitive spirit working hard to help their team to complete the task.
After a short break they learnt about dairy cows, consolidating the work we have already done in the classroom and impressing Jan with their knowledge of cattle. Everyone had a turn at milking Buttercup the cow and soon got to grips with the technique.
Finally, we learnt about different grains and planted the seeds of oat, barley and wheat. We now wait in anticipation for the seeds to germinate and then we plan to plant out the seedlings into the Home Farm garden …… and maybe grow our own breakfast!