Mummies’ Afternoon

The Nursery Mummies and a Daddy joined us for an afternoon of fun with no idea what they had let themselves in for!  The activity was making magic playdoh!  The parents got stuck in with a mixture that may have started off dry and soft, but soon turned into a very sticky consistency.  Each one smelt different and really yummy, changing colour as they poured in the oil and water. 

There was lots of lovely encouragement from the parents as the children used their hands to combine the mixture with quite a lot of extra flour needed!  Some children were less impressed by the stickiness of the mixture than others.  You could definitely tell those that do cooking at home and at Nursery and who were used to getting stuck in. 

Having made their playdoh, they had the all important job of playing with it and showing their parents the range of playdoh toys that they use in the Nursery whilst developing those important muscles in preparation for writing.  At the end of the afternoon they looked through their ‘Clever Folders’ and took their playdoh home. 

A great afternoon was had by all, a huge thanks to the parents for coming along and making it such a special afternoon.