Minotaurs, Medusa and Samurai Swords at Elstree School

Elstree School Book Week started with all the fun of Character and Costumes Day and the theme of  ‘Myths and Legends’. The grounds, library and classrooms were full of excited boys transformed into fabulous costumes from Minotaurs to Medusa, and The Grim Reaper to Robin Hood.  

Elstree were delighted to welcome Chris Bradford, bestselling author of the award winning Young Samurai, Ninja and Bodyguard Series. Chris presented an action packed show complete with a Samurai sword fighting display, a surprise body snatching and a variety of impressive martial arts. As he read from his books he acted out the scenes with enthusiastic help from the boys. He left us on an many exciting cliff hangers from his readings, inspiring us to read his exciting books.

Chris Bradford enthused, “Elstree boys are as sharp as samurai swords, as quick witted as ninjas and as courageous as bodyguards! It was such a pleasure to meet them and enthuse them about reading and my books. They’ll just have to watch out for their ninja librarian – she’s a fully trained word warrior now!”

Throughout the week a variety of activities took place celebrating storytelling, illustration, books and reading.  Some of the boys comments are below:

Timothy Camden-Smith (4PNS) ‘I nearly got chopped in half!’

Harry Latimer (5SLA) said ‘It was really cool the way he demonstrated the Samurai sword moves. I really enjoyed Book Week!’

Hector Tufnell (7PAS) added, ‘Chris Bradford was amazing, he taught us to be bodyguards and we had to watch out for the secret assassin in the room. It was really funny when Mrs Walker was rushed out to be saved! His Samurai sword was unbelievable and we are all reading his books!’