Mini United Nations Day at Bryanston School

A number of boys went to Bryanston School for a Mini United Nations Day; boys represented different countries, and debated the issue they were set. Many congratulations to Tom and George  on their win!

 “We really enjoyed our day at the Mini United Nations at Bryanston School.  I represented Russia and I argued that Assad should keep the refugees in Syria.  I worked hard all day to persuade other countries and the Chair of the debate to enforce our ideas.  The title for our debate was ‘Giving Syrian Children a Childhood’.  I really grew in confidence as the day progressed and was over the moon to win a medal

George Fawcett, Year 6

 “I feel really proud to have represented Elstree at the Mini United Nations.  We really stuck at it all day and enjoyed our working lunch trying to persuade other countries to support our motion.  I was so proud when our efforts were recognised and we got an award.”
Tom Hoar, Year 6