Mini Olympics

The annual Mini Olympics is always a greatly anticipated event.  We were yet again blessed with glorious weather as we all made our way to ‘Bates’ to meet the Elstree boys  and a host of children from other schools and nurseries.  It was a seamless afternoon, run fantastically with great effort and enthusiasm given by all the Elstree boys, instructing, looking after and on occasion rounding up a few of the smaller children. 

There was a range of activities from hurdles, to javelin, rugby to relay races and ribbons.  All of these encouraged the children to have a go at a range of sports whilst developing their sportsmanship.  It was wonderful to witness so many smiling faces and children willing to have a go at whatever they were faced with.   It is always a fun event for parents to come along and watch, bringing with them encouraging comments as their little ones leap in the air and throw with all their might.   I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Elstree staff who put so much effort into organising this wonderful event, enjoyed by so many.