Mini Olympics Event

On a rather sunny afternoon in late September, a Mini Olympics was held on Bates. A range of activities was set up for the children from Home Farm Nursery, Reception and Year 1 classes and also for children from visiting schools and nurseries.  The Year 8 boys ran the activities which ranged from hurdles, javelin (mini foam ones!), goal scoring and ribbons. For the Year 8 boys, this was part of their Elstree Award.

The children were put in small teams and took it in turns to have a go at each activity. The children spent about 5 minutes on each activity before the whistle was blown and it was time to move onto the next one.  The skills the children showed were very impressive, as was their ability to wait and take turns.  A big thank you to Mr Morris and the Year 8 boys for running such an enjoyable event.