Marble Rollercoasters with 8SEW

The McMullen Hall was a hive of creative activity as 8SEW put their engineering skills to the test designing and then building a rollercoaster with a difference. The brief was to construct a structure that would make the marble move as slowly as possible from top to bottom using only the materials provided and their ingenuity.

The three groups embarked on the project with quiet determination showing excellent teamwork and lots of imagination. Before lunchtime the groups spent time making the supporting structure which took patience and copious amounts of sticky tape! Mrs. Inglis provided lunch that was delicious.

Refueled the boys returned to complete the project. How to make the marbles progress as slow as possible involved the use of funnels, loops, shallow gradient straights and precarious bends. After much testing and refining the moment arrived when their creations would be put to the test.

Three timed runs for each group with the slowest being declared the winner. All three structures were excellent in the construction and clever and imaginative use of the materials. However, one team were seconds ahead of the rest and the three young engineers of the future were Hamish, Seb  and Guy  whose marble took a very impressive 15.27 seconds to reach the floor. Well done to all who took part in what was a fun and informative Friday.