Magdalen College School Quiz

Stretching, Pilates, yoga and any new fad are well known ways of warming up and stretching muscles.  It was therefore a delight to hear boys quizzing each other and playing games of a GK based nature in the back of the minibus as we travelled up the A34 to Magdalen College.

It is a prestigious event with a proud tradition and the boys were momentarily overwhelmed as they entered the dining room with tables laid out for 24 teams.  However, with crisps to eat and tactics to discuss, Harry, Thomas, Jack, Boaz and Jimmy were happy.  The first round wasn’t great but the boys’ confidence rose when they were in second place after round two and after round three they were in the lead and held onto it until the end.  A fantastic and enjoyable day out ended with us bringing back an old but substantial trophy that the boys richly deserved.