‘Lost and Found’

The Little Blue Monster Productions visited Home Farm on 22nd November and put on an extremely energetic and enjoyable performance of ‘Lost and Found’, based on the delightful children’s book by Oliver Jeffers. 

It is a tale of the friendship that develops between a little penguin and a boy who finds him on the doorstep.   During his efforts to find out where a penguin should live, they both become involved in lots of adventures and meet some strange people including a rather eccentric librarian, an excitable zoo keeper and Sergei the sailor who keeps mixing up the words ‘south pole’ with ‘sausage roll’, much to the delight of the children!   Finally, after surviving the stormy seas they reach the south pole where the boy realises that the penguin was not really lost, he was just lonely, so they set sail again and both returned to live happily in the boy’s little cottage by the sea.

The show was full of songs, puppetry and humour. It was the perfect recipe for keeping Home Farm children and our visitors from Boot Farm and Woolhampton Primary School thoroughly entertained.