Lily and the Little Snow Bear

The Blunderbus Theatre gave an energetic and lively performance of Lily and the Little Snow Bear to Home Farm and visiting nurseries and schools. It was a tale of how Grandpa, an elderly and kindly inventor was busy making a giant hot air balloon as a special Christmas surprise for his granddaughter, Lily.

An adorable, fluffy, white snow bear appeared at the bottom of the garden and was befriended by Lily. The playful and affectionate bear cub was obviously lost so Lily undertook to reunite it with its mother.  Unfortunately some mean hunters were also in the vicinity and tried to capture the bear. 

Fortunately, through the bravery and ingenuity of Lily and Grandpa, there was a happy ending. The bear was reunited with her mother, the hunters were never heard of again.  Lily and Grandpa returned to their home to celebrate Christmas.

Audience participation, songs, dance, laughter and wonderful puppetry were the order of the day. It was a lovely way to start our Christmas season.