Lily and The Christmas Snow Bear

During the last week of term, we welcomed the Little Blue Monster Company who put on an energetic performance of ‘Lily and the Christmas Snow Bear’.  The hall was full of gasps, cheers, ooohhhssss and ahhhs as the children were captivated by the wonderful show.

As all good plays should have, there was the cute, the scary and plenty of adventure.  Lily was told by her Grandpa never to go into The Deep Dark Wood because of the wolf, but what is a little girl to do when she finds a baby snow bear that has lost its Mummy!?  Having set off on a search with the cutest fluffy bear cub, many dangers were to be found, thin ice, rickety bridges and the hunter.  Luckily, as hunters go, he was useless!   I am pleased to say that Snowy, the bear cub was reunited with his Mummy and Lily was rescued from the mountain by Grandpa in a hot air balloon that he had made for her.  

Of course, the puppets were a great hit, particularly Snowy and the enormous Mummy Bear!  When accompanied by plenty of songs and audience participation we had the perfect recipe for a wonderful occasion.  What a treat for the end of term.