Lights, Camel, Action 2! The Sequin.

On Friday, Parents and Staff were treated to an afternoon of Christmas joy as the Pre-Prep performed their Christmas Nativity: ‘Lights, Camel, Action 2! The Sequin’.  Children from Nursery to Year 2 participated, and the roof of the McMullen Hall was lifted by their wonderful singing.

There was glitter and glitz, as the children told the story of the birth of Jesus in Strictly Come Dancing style.  The 3 Wise Men and their camels, a host of heavenly angels, Mary and Joseph and more, all took to the stage to be judged in the famous dance competition.  Caesar was less impressed with the Shepherd’s Conga, but was left ‘speechless’ by the Angel Gabriel and his Heavenly Host.

Years 1 and 2 all learnt their lines brilliantly and enjoyed retelling the story, whilst Reception and Nursery took to the stage to join in with various dances.

“I liked doing the Conga best because we got to dance off the stage.”  Zac, Reception

“My favourite part was the Ceilidh, because it was fun holding people’s hands and dancing.”  Wilfred, Year 2.

“I liked the singing best.”  Oliver, Year 1.