Life after Elstree

Elstree enjoys nothing more than hearing from former pupils and their parents about life after Elstree.  And now, with the Elstree LinkedIn page, we’re learning about our Alumni’s careers too. (If you are a former pupil and have a LinkedIn account, please feel free to join our network.)

This week, Headmaster received an email informing him that former pupil Toby had been appointed Head Boy at Sherborne. He will take over from Christian next term – also educated at Elstree.  Together, they’ll share centre stage at Sherborne’s Speech Day to say a few words.

Toby was also appointed Captain of Sherborne’s twenty-one strong ski team, who recently competed in the schools championships in Wengen, Switzerland.

With two other old pupils being made Head Boy of Senior Schools this year – one at Harrow (Andrew) and one at Bradfield (Tom) – that’s four in one year. 

Harrow Head Boy and Peter Beckwith Scholar Andrew delivered The Contio Latina to the Governors in Latin last year.  The speech is given on the second Saturday in November, and reports on Harrow’s yearly events, and those in the ‘wider world’.  The Contio was first delivered in 1674, with archived copies dating back to 1770.

Initially written in English, Andrew began writing the speech in July last year. It involved many iterations, with references not working in Latin extracted and converted in to footnotes. One of the masters then undertook the bulk of the translation.

The Contio