Les Garçons

Onatti Productions returned to Elstree for the second time this month, although this time to perform “Les Garçons” to our Years 7 and 8.

Les Garçons follows the volatile and emotional roller-coaster relationship between ‘Natalie’ and her ex-boyfriend ‘Tristan’.  Natalie is Monsieur et Madame Dulin’s babysitter. While Monsieur et Madame Dulin go to a fancy-dress party, Natalie expects a quiet evening in babysitting their baby ‘Bruno’.  But not everything goes according to plan.

Tristan interrupts her evening by turning up unexpectedly. He is intent on winning her back, so reluctantly she lets him stay and help, that is, until they argue and she storms out.  Left literally holding the baby, Monsieur and Madame Dulin then return.

During the 50 minute production, Year 7 and 8 were immersed in French.  When invited to participate in the performance, they interacted with good humour and an excellent understanding of French. The Onatti cast commented on how impressed they were with their linguistic skills and outstanding  pronunciation. 

Here’s what some of our pupils had to say about the play:

“I understood the play and enjoyed it as it was informative and helped me to get better in French.” Jimmy B

“The French play was very good and helpful.” Thomas C

“I learnt a lot of French words as much as I did on the French trip.” Yuyao

“It was very entertaining and I liked the fact that people got involved in the play.” Angus

“It was interactive.” Rain

“I enjoyed the play, it was very useful and I learnt a lot of French.” Jackie