Lent Term Lectures

On the first Saturday of term, a series of lectures was given.  These ranged from Year 6 learning about the French Resistance, to key moments in the twentieth century for the senior boys, the Military for Year 4 and the role of music for Year 5. 

Year 6 – Freddie Shelley

Mr Attwood spoke to all of Year 6 about the French Resistance.  The French Resistance was formed during the Second World War.  It was an organisation that started with just a few people but grew significantly as the war continued.  Mr Attwood introduced us to a book which was written by a 12 year old boy who father tended the village graveyard, and he ended up with the job of finding out who the spies were. As the war progressed, the acts of the Resistance grew to include sabotaging train-lines to stop German supplies, and by the end of the war, it was estimated that there were 150,000 resistance fighters.  I want to hear more – thank you Mr Attwood.

Year 4

The Year 4s were treated to a very interesting lecture by Major Gauci on the Military. Following on from the Victorian topic covered in the Lent Term in History, Major Gauci spoke about the history of the army and allowed the boys to touch and hold various swords, bayonets, medals, helmets and jackets used in combat around the world in the past. Major Gauci also explained his role in the army and asked the boys about family members who may be serving or had served in the forces. He answered many questions! A fascinating hour was enjoyed by all.