Lecture – Life in the Irish Guards

It was a great pleasure to welcome Lieutenant Rory McGrath, an Elstree old boy, back to talk to the school about life in the Irish Guards.  Rory began by explain the basic structure of the army before focusing on his life and experiences in the Irish Guards to date.  He then explored the two very different roles of his regiment, firstly the ceremonial side and second the ‘green’ side to army life.  A senior boy was dressed up as guardsman and Rory explained some of the history of the unique uniform that he wears such as the bearskin, bright red tunic and ceremonial sword.  He then dressed a junior boy up as a soldier complete with enormous camouflaged rucksack, webbing and helmet.  He did tell a few stories of his adventures in the jungles of Belize complete with stories of tarantula spiders!   Rory fielded many questions from the attentive audience before letting the boys try on the equipment at the end.