Last Night of Term

On the last night of term, the staff  challenged the Year 8 boys to a game of crocker on Yard – with fielding numbers very much on the boys side, they managed to sneak a win by 48 runs. 

The Leavers then entertained us royally on their final Elstree evening with a series of sketches and songs. After a delicious Last Supper with staff on the lawn outside the dining room, it was to the Back Garden, where an anticipatory parental Pimms-swilling posse had mustered. In the next half hour, we were all treated to an emotional and funny slide show set to James Blunt’s (Old Boy of course) Bonfire Hearts, an opening group song of Is This The Way To Public School?, Harry Enfield’s Public Information sketch, Prep School Mastermind, The Real Housewives of Woolhampton Hills, The Eight Yorkshiremen, The Leavers Military Inspection, the carnage that was Ready Steady Cook, the final song  It’s All About You, all wrapped up with an encore of Bonfire Hearts. The boys’ comic timing was notable and their singing was loud! Is there no end to these guys’ talent?!