Lambrook School Pre-Prep Choir Competition

Home Farm was delighted to be selected as one of four schools taking part in the Lambrook Pre-Prep Choir Festival. Miss Collins had worked her usual magic and the choir was brilliantly prepared for the event.

The morning commenced with vocal warm ups, including tongue twisters and an inspirational workshop led by Ben Vonberg-Clark. His experience of working with both adult and children’s choirs was obvious: he had the rapt attention of all of the pupils and the pleasure on their faces as they did the warm up and rehearsed the ‘Two By Two’ song was wonderful to behold.

All of the choirs performed with amazing confidence and poise. Home Farm’s songs ‘The Shrimpety Song’ and ‘Roller Ghoster’ were great fun with lots of actions. There was no doubt at all that the children enjoyed themselves. One was heard to say that ‘It was the best morning ever!’ It was certainly a wonderful way to end the first half of term.