‘La Salle des Enigmes’ French Play

The French play ‘La Salle des Enigmes’ was another great success this year.  The audience helped Mary and Jérémy to escape a room they were locked in.  Through a series of riddles, puzzles and clues, they finally got out.  The themes for this escape room were Tutankhamun’s tomb and Howard Carter’s tent.

Our actors were two French native speakers from Paris – Marie and Etienne.  The boys were keen to participate and those who took part on stage did a great job with their oral French, a particular “merci” to Jack, Sid, Josh and Dylan.  

The French department is particularly pleased to have enabled the boys to listen to authentic French for an hour and to have been able to interact with the cast.   It was busy, fun and a lot of visual support to access the play and to enjoy. In addition, a number of them ventured to ask the cast questions in French at the end.