Junior Play – An Egyptian Whodunnit

The pupils of Years 3 and 4 have just performed a musical play “An Egyptian Whodunnit”, written by one of our Year 3 teachers, Mr Chris Schuman.

Every child in Year 4 had a speaking part and the Year 3 pupils were either palace cats, deadly mosquitoes or swatters! All the children had a blast and threw themselves into their various roles.

We were lucky enough to have two directors, Sian Bond (a parent) and Anna Oliver (Head of Drama). The audiences on both nights were royally entertained with comical sketches, lively and fully choreographed songs and the occasional corny joke!

Mr Schuman, who wrote the play, said: “I couldn’t have been prouder of our pupils. They far exceeded my expectations and they have been a joy to work with.”

What did the pupils think?

I liked the banquet scene especially – it was hilarious. (McKenzie C)

I liked the jokes and riddles. The scenery, as well, made the whole play very special. (Raphaella C-S)

The music was beautiful and colourful. It was as if I had been teleported back to ancient Egypt. (George G)

It was so exciting to sing the songs. (Akinniran A)

The backdrop and props were first-class. (Felix B)

My favourite part was when the doctor said – I’m afraid he’s dead! (Bertie B)

It was a clever idea to have a young and old Tut and Ankhasenamun. (Megan R)

I loved the play, especially the banquet scene and the Nile cruise. (George R)

I liked being a mosquito and our song, the SWAT song. (Lance K)

I really liked the costumes and make-up. Thanks to all the very helpful and patient mums that helped. (Raphaella C-S)