I’ve Seen Santa

On Friday, Blunderbus Theatre Group came to Elstree to perform the wonderful story ‘I’ve Seen Santa, written by David Bedford. It’s Christmas Eve and Little Bear can’t wait to see Santa! “Santa will come just as soon as you go to sleep,” Mummy Bear says. But Little Bear doesn’t want to go to sleep. He wants to see Santa!

It was a delightful show which came to life with music, puppetry and high energy storytelling – and even Santa made a special appearance! Children at Home Farm, together with friends, parents, and children from Woolhampton Primary school had a lovely afternoon. The adults also had fun; Miss Miles had to check the chimney to make sure it was big enough for Santa to come down, and Mrs Bates even had Mummy Bear on her lap at one point, trying to find out who had eaten all the cookies!