It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas at Elstree

There’s been a hive of activity in the lead up to Christmas at Elstree, with everyone getting involved.  The wreath on the front door was kindly made by Senior Day Matron Beccy Ward and her daughter, a florist from Smoke and Thistle.  Rainbow and Scandi-themed Christmas Art Workshops for Pre-Prep and Prep have been organised by Mrs Syckelmoore. And, there’s been tree decorating with Headmaster and Headmaster’s Wife, Mr and Mrs Inglis, and with Head of Pre-Prep, Miss Holifield. Phew! 

Pre-Prep Christmas Art Workshop

Lucky Pre-Prep got to visit Mrs Syckelmoore in the Elstree Art Room this week. Inspired by the ‘Rainbows for the NHS‘, each child was given a template to work from and different colour Fimo modelling clay.

First, Pre-Prep was taught how to turn a ball of clay into a ‘sausage’ shape by rolling it between the palms of their hands. After that, they learnt how to bind the colours together to create the arch of a rainbow. They also made clouds from white clay to attach to either end of their rainbow.

Decorating the Pre-Prep Christmas Tree

The class teachers then brought the children’s rainbows back to Pre-Prep and put them in the oven to set. Once they were hard, a ribbon was added and each child joined Head of Pre-Prep Miss Holifield in the entrance hall to hang them on the Christmas tree.

As Christmas music filled the air, each child chose a branch upon which to hang their rainbow. At the end of term, they’ll be able to take their colourful decoration home with them and hang them on their own family Christmas tree.

Mrs Syckelmoore said: “They look lovely on the tree.  The children all worked really well, and it was lovely to have them over here in the Elstree Art department.” 

Christmas at Elstree, what did Pre-Prep like..?

“…the colours that made the rainbow,” Rex in Reception

“…when they were finished and we put them on the Christmas tree,” Bruce in Reception

“…how we did all the different colours,” Alice in Year 1

“…hanging it on the Christmas tree,” Megan in Year 2

Prep Christmas Art Workshop

Christmas Art Workshops for Years 3,4, 5 and 6 with Mrs Syckelmoore involved constructing clay houses inspired by Folk Art. A stunning array of Scandi Houses and vintage 60s Swedish-influenced Berggren hand-screened ceramics are now on display in Front Hall.

Art at Elstree

All pupils take Art lessons for one double lesson a week. A wide variety of creative techniques and media all form part of a carefully structured syllabus. These can be anything from fine art and sketching in charcoal to batik, clay sculptures and paper mache.  Pupils’ artwork is regularly exhibited and displayed at Elstree. In addition, a number of art scholarships are awarded.