Shrewsbury School 6-a-side Football Tournament

Group B

Elstree 3 Oswestry B 0
Elstree 4 Royal Wolves 0
Elstree 0 Prestfelde 1
Elstree runners-up, Group B play winners of Group A, Packwood Haugh.

Knock-out stages

Q-Final: Elstree 2 Packwood Haugh 0
Semi-Final: Elstree 3 Oswestry A 0
Final: Elstree 0 Priory 3

This was a wonderful day in Elstree football history. The Shrewsbury tournament brings together lots of teams from all over the country and has been doing so since 1989. Elstree has never won it, and it just looked like our 2017 heroes, in Jack Willsian silks, were going to rewrite the history books and bring home the bacon, to royally mix metaphors and split the infinitive for good measure.

With the towel being thrown in from the corner on the ever-up-for-it but poorly Fitz (he really got behind the team and was instrumental in our team’s success), only six boys were left to fight it out: Ed (‘And Shoulders’ ‘Orsfield) between the timbers, Peter (the ‘Thoroughbred’) at the back, ‘Nice’ Guy (our very own Forrest Gump) shuttling up and down the right, Ben (Dit Like Beckham) (The Wizard) casting his spells in the middle, Hugo HMS Barnstormer (skipper) holding the left flank, and Nick Son of Hod trying to burst the onion bag with his in-the-blood Etonic rifles up front.

The boys ran and harried as a unit, were calm in possession yet obdurate without the ball. The tactic of defending very deeply was executed with effort and nouse; it made the masters-in-charge and parents alike purr when we broke with speed and purpose. And we looked fit.

It really was a special performance, which sets up the Pink Army superbly for Wednesday against the running bulls of Papplewick.
Thank you, all seven of you, for just getting it right in every department being a prep school boy at a sports tournament.
Wine for my men; we ride at dawn!