Inter Schools Junior Judo Development Event

Elstree School came away with 2 gold medals (Tristan and Tomisin), 4 silvers (Isaac, Jasper, Noah and Charlie) and 2 bronzes (Henry and Percy). In addition to this, Akinniran won a “Spirit of Judo” award.

The actual name of the event was “Inter Schools Judo Development Event” which was designed to give judo players the chance to improve their judo skills in a safe and fun way. Colin and Martin Small masterminded the event and there was a real buzz about the place, particularly in the Year 3 and 4 category. They started with some fun and exciting warm-ups, led by two expert black belt trainers. Everyone seemed to have a smile on their face as the young judo players could be seen somersaulting, leap-frogging and tumbling as part of their warm-up routine.

The fights were serious but not too serious and there were few tears in this year’s event. The day was slickly organised and events ran to schedule. Special mention must be made of Tristan  who looked strong, confident and tall in his fights. His body language oozed confidence as if to say “no one’s gonna beat me”! The look of delight (and sheer disbelief) on Tomisin’s face said it all as his gold medal was announced. He certainly fought hard in all his matches and fully deserved the highest accolade of gold medal.

There was a wonderful contingent of Elstree parents to cheer on the boys and this helped to create the electric atmosphere needed to bring out the best in all competitors. There is something very wholesome and almost spiritual in the sport of judo and this is encouraged through bowing at your partner at both the beginning and end of each fight.

Lastly, special mention must be made of the fantastic Martin Small who trains the Elstree judo players in such a special way which means they will always remember their judo days with affection. They will also become wiser, fitter and more confident citizens of the world.

Next term sees the girls’ event at High Wycombe and we look forward to this with much excitement.