IAPS Junior Judo Competition

This was a wonderful day with all boys giving of their very best. All boys had parents to cheer them on but standing alone on that huge mat, just you and your opponent, and in front of all those crowds can make it quite an emotional event. It certainly was a valuable experience for the boys and they probably learnt a lot about themselves and how to cope under pressure. I was proud of every one of them and want to mention all of them by name: Basile , Alfie , Jamie , Timothy , Mack , Leo , William , Jake , Tom , Benedict , Tom , Horatio , Shi Jun , Casper , Killian , Jack , Jack and Ollie .

Special mention must be made of our bronze medal winners:  Basile , Benedict and Mack . Our one gold medal winner was Ollie in the U46kg weight category.

Congratulations to all our boys; you were all champions for a day!