IAPS Judo Competition

This year’s IAPS Judo Competition was held at the very majestic ACS International School in Egham. It was a beautifully organised event and the Dojo (judo hall) was a relaxed atmosphere where children could put their training to the test and perform to their very highest standards. This was very fitting as the definition of “judo” is “the way of gentleness”. The whole day had a festival feel to it with some spirituality in the mix.

All age groups were taken through a fun and creative warm-up by expert coaches. This helped all players focus their minds and psych themselves up. More importantly, it made them smile and relax which was important as the main aim of the day was to have fun and enjoy the occasion. Many of our judokas (or judo players) were a mixture of nervous and excited at first, but once they got started, nerves turned to concentration and skills flowed.

The Dojo (or judo hall) was reminiscent of the hall in the American film Karate Kid. Here, though, good sporting behaviour and a strict adherence to the rules was the name of the game and we witnessed a delightful display of strength, power and, of course, skill.

The following players came out on top and truck gold. Many congratulations to Timi, Charlie and Thomas for this amazing achievement. Monty and Mila received silver medals and our bronze medallists comprised Henry, Kevin, Otis, Zachary, Harry, Midi and Tristan. Martin Small and I were extremely proud of everyone of our young judo players.

Lastly, here are some quotes from some of our competitors.

“It was the most intense thing I’ve ever done. I was so exhausted but also so elated.” Henry 

“This was the first individual gold medal I’ve ever won!” Charlie 

“This was the best thing I’ve done this year! It was nerve-racking but calming. When you’re focussed in your fight, you stop panicking.” Mila 

“I felt quite nervous before the fight.” Thomas 

“It was amazing. I was nervous at first, then okay.” Timi 

“I had nerves and was excited, then I started to relax.” Otis 

“I was nervous at first but found it very enjoyable once I got started.” Kevin 

“I won most of my fights. In one of them I thrashed my opponent!” Charlie 

“It’s a really fun thing to do but a really hard thing to do.” Zachary