Hugless Douglas comes to Home Farm

We were delighted to welcome the Blunderbus Theatre Group back to Home Farm with their production of Hugless Douglas.  Children from Woolhampton Primary, Bucklebury Primary, Boot Farm and The Children’s House joined us to watch the story of a rather sleepy bear called Douglas who just loves hugs and was searching for the perfect one.

He tried out many different types of hugs including ones from some members of the audience, but none of them were quite right.  Along the way his friends tried to help him and he met Mrs Rabbit, lots of sheep and even a butterfly.  In the end he met wise Mrs Owl who told him that he needed to go home where the perfect hug awaited him from his mum.

The actors brought their usual enthusiasm and energy to the production, encouraging audience participation with a little singing and dancing and a great deal of laughter.

In the afternoon  the children took part in an actors’ workshop and were able to transport themselves on an adventure to find new types of hugs.   A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all.