House Music Competition

The House music competition is always a great event with all the boys in the school being involved and also having a lot of fun. This year the competition was fiercer than ever before and Elstree has never seen so much preparation for this competition with boys actually being asked to stop practising so much!!

The overall House Music Junior Soloist winner was Henry (South) playing  a wonderfully impressive violin solo- La folia. Harry (South again!) with his confident trumpet sound was the Senior Soloist winner and the House Ensemble  winner was North with the challenging panic in America song, LA Devotee.

With everything to play for and the Houses neck and neck at the end of the third round  it literally all depended on the House Song which gets double the amount  of points. This is where the weeks of hard practising really counted and North were triumphant with a very challenging multi-layered rendition of Don’t stop believin’ taken from the show Glee – a fitting swan-song  for Mrs Williams and her team, and leading the house to ultimate victory!  Well done North!

Junior Soloists

North:  Alex Anderson (violin) Gavotte from Suite BWV1012 / J.S. Bach
East: Chenyu Jiang (piano) Sonatina in C major 1st movement / J.S. Bach
West:  Sid Tyler-Whittle (drums) American Calypso Whittle
South:  Henry Morris –Weston (violin) La folia / A. Corelli arr. S. Suzuki

Senior Soloists

East:  Sebastian Foxon (cello) Robot’s march / Gordon Jacob
West:  Peter Compton-Burnett (piano)  Nocturne / Chopin
South:  Harry Stanwell (trumpet) The King’s juell / O. Gibbons
North:  Jackie Guo ( violin) Gavotte with two variations / I. Stravinsky


West: Whatever it takes
South: : Viva la vida
North: LA Devotee
East: Help

House Songs

South: California Dreamin’
North: Don’t Stop Believin’ 
East: Sweet home Chicago
West: America