House Cross Country Competition

This year’s race was a tightly fought event with the majority of boys putting in some excellent gutsy runs.  It was a magnificent whole school event and every pupil not only ran but counted in the results.  North won the overall cup this year but congratulations are due all round to all four houses for making it such a fun event. The number of boys off-games for this event this year was one. That has to be a record!
1st South 14.75
2nd West 17.17
3rd East 19.38
4th North 23.38

1st West 26.08
2nd East 27.57
3rd North 27.8
4th South 28.31

1st North 29.82
2nd East 36.14
3rd South 37.63
4th West 46.89

1st North 27
2nd East 27.70
3rd South 27.90
4th West 30.05