Home Farm visit to the Garden Centre

On Friday 3rd May Reception enjoyed a wonderful morning at Rosebourne Garden Centre in Aldermaston. The children were very excited about the trip and before we left, they each wrote a shopping list. Once completed we drove the short distance to Aldermaston.

Upon arrival, we had the all-important trip quick snack and drink before entering into the food hall. We loved walking through all the fresh fruit and vegetables and Mrs Baxter quizzed us on our knowledge; from beetroot to garlic and to some enormous butternut squashes! After seeing all the fresh produce we made our way outside to look for fruit trees. We found this area fun because many of the trees were quite tall and we had to look carefully at the labels! We found apples, plums and even an apricot tree!

Next, we wandered around all the beautiful flower displays, we noticed all the different colours, shapes, sizes and smells. On our shopping list were bedding plants for our hanging baskets, we choose white and pink trailing lobelia. Then we moved into the vegetable plants, we loved looking through all of the labels. We found some very unusual beans which grew standing tall and were pink and white; Mrs Baxter let us buy some so we could add them to our vegetable plot at Home Farm and watch what happens.

We also learned that the garden centre sells lots of other things other than plants. As we made our way back inside on the hunt for seeds, we came across lots of interesting statues, water fountains and pots. The most popular were a sausage dog planter and a bath tub as a water feature! When we reached the seed displays we couldn’t believe how many there were to choose from, lots of different variations of vegetables and herbs. Using our shopping list we found everything we needed; carrots, beans, radishes, cress and we also choose some basil and parsley too.

We all helped to push the trolley and pay for our seeds at the cashier. We put them all into cardboard boxes and then headed back to the minibus to return to school and look forward to planting all of our seeds and flowers in our Home Farm gardening plot in the coming weeks.