Home Farm Summer Concert

The Home Farm Concert was a fun filled, all singing, all dancing occasion. The children delighted the audience with a wide variety of songs and played many different percussion instruments. There was even some audience participation when we all took part in the musical game of ‘Move and Freeze’.

After weeks of preparation and anticipation the day finally arrived. The children are always extremely excited to show their parents the things they have been doing in their music lessons.

The afternoon began with everyone singing ‘Mark the Shark’ as they came into the hall. Year 1 started off the class performances with their song ‘Eggs and Ham’ in which they accompanied themselves using percussion instruments. It was then time for ‘Toes are Twinkling’, a country dance performed in a circle. There were many smiling faces and nobody fell over!

Nursery then took to the stage and started with ‘Shapes’ – a song where they used their bodies to show different shapes. After this it was time to show off their percussion skills and they moved into 3 teams to perform ‘All our favourite instruments’. There was a lot of waving to parents and happy faces all around.

Reception are only a small class but they performed in a big way. They started with a song about musicians in the band and they accompanied this with percussion instruments as well. It was then time to tell the story of the teeth. They all lined up at the back of the stage and acted out being teeth popping up and down.

The 21 members of the choir – our biggest yet- then sang Wannabe, a song about wanting to be a drummer, a singer and a conductor. They all knew the words and actions really well and gave an energetic performance.

The viola group showed us what they have learned so far after only a few lessons. It was very exciting to see the children playing this instrument and I hope that it will lead to lots of little viola players in the future.

Year 2 were the last class to perform and started with a recorder medley which also included singing. They then took to the drum sticks and played different rhythmic patterns in groups to the song Ghostbusters. This was a fantastic performance- the best it had been- with every boys’ eyes glued to Miss Collins’ drum sticks. Year 2 finished with a complicated clapping pattern which they performed whilst singing Miss Mary Mack. This also included a pattern that each pair had made up themselves. It was a brilliant performance.

The musical afternoon finished with all the children singing and doing actions to the well-known and much loved song Bingo.