Home Farm Summer Concert, 12th June

What a treat we had on Friday as the Home Farm children performed a selection of songs and many showed off their instrumental skills.  All of the children sang with great enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment.  Those who saw it will never forget the Nursery performing ‘Driving my Tractor’, Reception’s ‘All our favourite instruments’, Year1’s ‘Toes are twinkling’ and Year 2’s ‘Sporting World’.  We never cease to be amazed at the children’s ability to learn the words and actions and the confidence that they display when performing to a large audience.

Those who learn an individual instrument also had the opportunity to perform a solo, many of them for the first time.  Our Year 1 children gave their first performance after learning the violin for the past term. It is extraordinary what they can do after just a few weeks of lessons.  Congratulations to all for putting on such a wonderful concert and to Miss Collins who prepared them so well for the event.