Home Farm Christmas Play – The Inn-spectors

Heart rates rise in every teacher across the land when they hear the dreaded words ‘The inspectors are here!’  Fortunately for Home Farm, it was the Inn-spectors not the ISI inspectors who had put in an appearance.   With Bethlehem full of travellers due to the Emperor Augustus’ census, it was the perfect opportunity to inspect all of the available accommodation and check that it was up to scratch. 

The soldiers promised to inform the inn-spectors of any contravention of the rules.   As the inn-spectors headed off to the Bethlehem Plaza where they had heard that they did a very good lunch, including a divine lobster thermidor, Mary and Joseph arrived with an extremely weary donkey who complained that his job description had not included any mention of long distance travel.

As we all know, most of the inns were full, but finally they came across ‘Pannell and Law’s Inn’ where a rather grumpy Mrs Innkeeper was complaining about her work load, she even had a guest asking for room service!   Thankfully, her husband was a little more understanding and showed the guests to the stable.  The long-suffering donkey was just happy to give his aching hooves a rest.

Meanwhile, the inn-spectors had completed their reviews of local hostelries including the Bethlehem Plaza and the Bethlehem Grand where the hot tub had been a bit of a hit.  Chatting to the soldiers they pronounced themselves more than satisfied with the standard of accommodation until it was pointed out that they had not visited one inn where it was reported that there were some strange goings on.  Their faces fell and they dropped their clipboards in shock and horror as they heard that guests were staying in the stable and even a baby!  Mrs Innkeeper thought that her husband was having a ‘funny turn’ as he announced that it was not just any ordinary baby, he was the Son of God.

Of course, it was not long before additional guests arrived at the stable, there were shepherds and sheep shortly to be joined by three kings who had been following an extremely bright star in the East.  The star has a little bit of an ‘attitude’ and insisted that the kings’ sat nav was incorrect and that he knew the way to Bethlehem. 

Finally, the inn-spectors understood the significance of the occasion and declared themselves satisfied; the stable was indeed ‘Fit for a King’.

Needless to say, there were songs galore throughout the play, a particularly poignant one by the Year 2s as they sang ‘Can this be true?’ and one that got the audience tapping their toes to the chorus of ‘Ooh, ooh, Singing the Blues’.   It was, as always, a wonderful way for Home Farm to finish the term and a huge thank you to all of the children and, of course, the staff for their hard work behind the scenes.   A special mention must go to Mrs Kidd for organising all of the costumes, Mrs Bond and Mrs Webster for the scenery and last, but certainly not least, Miss Collins, who never fails to deliver a magical play.