Head of RS has book published today

Elstree School’s Head of Religious Studies Andrew Prichard had his first book The Blockbuster Bible published by Lion Hudson today.

The Blockbuster Bible is a new children’s Bible for the visual age, giving a behind-the-scenes look at Bible stories and characters. Each page is filled with stories, from Cain and Abel to the Tower of Babel, from Jesus’s parables to the disciples and Pharisees. Movie posters, storyboards and acceptance speeches provide the perfect backdrop for a Bible overview and Bible study hybrid.

Andrew began thinking about the project in early 2011.  He wrote a trial book between 2013-2014, which has been tested at Elstree and in five other schools. 

Inspiration for The Blockbuster Bible

Here Andy, as he’s informally known, talks about what inspired him to write the book:

“When I began as a teacher I found that there were very limited resources for teaching the Bible in schools. I wanted to use something which taught the Bible with more of the detail from the original texts, but I knew that children in the younger years weren’t ready to open up the real thing.

I embarked upon developing a textbook for schools and approached publishers for a number of years before I met Lion Hudson in 2016. The book became a Children’s Bible aimed at both homes, schools, home-schools and churches. I absolutely knew that I had to do this project, even if it meant self-publishing. I was inspired by books like The Lion Children’s Bible and it’s funny how I have ended up with the same publisher. I simply hope that the book is useful to people.”

Andy is extremely grateful to have had a huge amount of support and encouragement from Elstree staff, and boys who have been unforgiving typo spotters on occasions.

What the critics had to say

He continues: “The children seem to really like it! They have been trialling an older version since 2014 and I found that it was important to keep the text the main thing – less blurb the better. People comment on how visual and engaging it is, so I use the phrase ‘A new Bible for a visual age’ in my promotion. I’m passionate about Bible literacy for all audiences, and the classroom has been a super place to test and tweak it. A few boys have their reviews on the back of The Teacher’s Cut (due out Feb 2020) – and I’m grateful for their interest and opinions. Most of them now want 3D Freddie’s jacket and 3D glasses!”

You can find out more from www.theblockbusterbible.com, and buy it from the publisher Lion Hudson, on Amazon and many others.