Harvest festival celebrations with Pre-Prep

Last week, our Pre-Prep celebrated Harvest with their very own Harvest Festival. The children gathered outside in the Pre-Prep entrance, surrounding the wonderful table of donations.

Being grateful for our farmers

Sitting on the table was a small, red tractor, which the children quickly noticed wasn’t to be eaten! After a little thought though, they realised the tractor was there to help us remember and thank the farmers who grow the wonderful crops, fruits and vegetables for us to enjoy. We talked about our favourite things to eat and realised that without farmers, we wouldn’t have so many tasty treats.

Donations for the West Berkshire Food Bank

As well as farmers, we spent time thanking God for our privileges. Miss Holifield talked to the children about those who are less fortunate and who often feel hungry. She explained that all of the donated foods were to be given to the West Berkshire Food Bank, who would then distribute them to poorer people. We felt very grateful to have been able to help.

A fitting Harvest song and a special Harvest prayer

At the end of our Harvest Festival, the children all treated their teachers to a rendition of ‘Big, Red, Combine Harvester!’ What a fitting song for a special occasion.  Finally, Miss Holifield and Amber read out a prayer that Amber and her father had written.

Harvest time is here again

A time to share the food we have

Rice, vegetables, beans and fruit

Vegetables to share

Empty tummies to fill

Starving people on the other side of the world

Thank you God for delicious food.


Independent Schools of the Year 2020 Finalists

Elstree School Pre-Prep is delighted to have been selected as one of the Independent Schools of the Year 2020 finalists for the Independent Pre-Prep School of the Year category. We are also a finalist for Independent Boarding School of the Year 2020.  The winners will be announced during the Independent Schools of the Year Virtual Event this Thursday 8th October at 3pm. Wish us luck!