Harriet House Literary Festival

Year 2 had a wonderful day out at the Harriet House Literary Festival. Kimberley Quinn was the first author that they met, and she explained that it was a love of reading stories when she was young that inspired her to become an author.

Kimberley told us about her trilogy of books that tell of the adventures of time travellers who visit the Victorian age. She had bought in items of original Victorian clothing which the children dressed up in. As she told us a little about the historical research she does to ensure that the activities and locations are as authentic as possible, we learnt many interesting facts. For example, the origin of the expression ‘As mad as a hatter’ came from the Victorian hat makers who used mercury to cure the skin of otters to make top hats. Mercury is a poison which resulted in the unfortunate craftsmen gradually becoming insane and they suffered from hallucinations. We also learnt about the lives of the poor match girls and the boys who worked down in the mines.

Following a picnic lunch and an impromptu game of football, it was time to meet John Harris. John was originally an engineer but has long had a desire to become an author. His first book, Noosum Foosum has just been published and I know that we are all looking forward to reading it in full. Our appetites have certainly been whetted by the excerpts he read. It is an adventure book about a magical spray that can attract or repel objects.   For example if it is sprayed on your feet, the ground repels you and hovering above the floor sounds great fun!

All in all, it was a very enjoyable and inspirational day