Gulf War Lecture

On the first Saturday morning of term, the staff and boys were treated to a fascinating lecture from Mr McCann, an Elstree parent who engaged as a pilot in the RAF during the Gulf War. Wg Cdr McCann opened with an explosive video which captured the boys’ attention and imagination. His talk was very relatable for the boys as he mentioned qualities and personal attributes needed in the RAF which the boys are currently busy mastering at school and will go on to need in their chosen future careers.

The lecture was interspersed with video clips of pilots in action which showed the culmination of all the training. Wg Cdr McCann spoke about the emotions he experienced throughout his training, deployment and engagement. The messages we were left with were to strive to be a leader whom people will want to follow rather than being told to do so. From the Hack (setting of watches to the second) to the fragility of life in war – time is precious, don’t waste it!