Gandalf and War Horse for Elstree School Book Week October 7th-11th 2019

Elstree School Book Week started with all the colour of Character and Costumes Day and the theme was ‘Battles and Wars’. The school grounds, library and classrooms were full of excited pupils transformed into a huge variety of characters including Vikings, Florence Nightingale, Romans, Wellington, Gandalf and even War Horse! A Grand Parade of all pupils and staff also took place in the school hall.

The school were also delighted to welcome Onjali Q Rauf, author of the ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class.’ This popular book won the Blue Peter and Waterstone’s Children’s Book of the Year Award for 2019, and is nominated for many others. Onjali said, “I hope you will all go on expanding your minds and envisioning your own stories, and help each other up and on in reaching personal goals – whatever those may be, and however big or small they may seem. Having visited your beautiful library and spoken with your teachers, I know you have the tools in place to help you do just that.”

A Readers’ Celebration Party with hot chocolate, marshmallows and other party food also took place in the school’s library. This gave pupils and staff the opportunity to recommend books to each other, and share their favourite reads.

Alex said, “Onjali Rauf’s book tells us a lot about the world and I love the way she explains it in the book.”

 Sophie added, “The talk was really interesting and fascinating, but also quite sad.  When she read from the book I wanted to hear what would happen next.” 

Thomas said, “The best part about dressing up was when we were telling each other about our characters and what adventures they had. I was the Emperor of Ethiopia.”

School Librarian Ruth Walker said ‘We had a fabulous Book Week – we love books and reading at Elstree School!”