Friday Races and a BIG weekend for Year 8

What another busy boarding weekend at Elstree. Starting on Friday night, the junior boarding house – Sanderson’s – (Years 4 to 6), was treated to a Race Night, which our senior boarders experienced the week before.

Waging a bet on Friday’s Race Night

Once in pyjamas, our pupils gathered in the Long Room, where they each received a cash float and a quick lesson on how to bet. Wagers started small in the first few races, but as they got the hang of it, the stakes significantly increased. By the time it came to the final race, the bookies were doing a brisk trade with those punters choosing to go ‘all in’! Koichi proved to be the most successful of the night, having won close to £40,000.

The Year 8 Big Weekend

Saturday evening was all about the Year 8 Big Weekend. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to have our usual social with Downe House, so the children requested pizza for supper and a ‘Colditz’ style game instead.

Mr Morris and Mr Hepburn invented a ‘SAS Hostage Rescue’, which was brilliant fun and involved Year 8 picking up information at various checkpoints around the school grounds before rescuing the full-boarders from a pitch dark Boarding House patrolled by guards with torches.

When all the hostages were safe and sound, they were rewarded with a well-earned hot chocolate on the terrace. Then, as the ‘hostiles’ approached, torches shone into the sky to direct the RAF airstrike, which resembled a tremendous firework display on Yard. It was a great way to end a super evening.

After our usual full English breakfast on Sunday morning, Year 8 went off to the Sports Hall for ‘Total Wipeout’.  This involved inflatable assault courses, bucking broncos, to name but a few.  Meanwhile the full-boarders played table tennis, football and had some time in the ICT room. Once Year 8 had finished Total Wipeout, it was time for our full-boarders to take a turn.

Hama beads masterclass

Promptly after lunch, Mrs. Goodbourn held a Hama beads masterclass for the full boarders, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Their designs were extremely creative.  Next, it was a spot of Dodgeball, followed by some free-time on their phones, and a huge game of hide and seek in the Main House.

They’ve all been such good company this weekend, and everyone agreed they are looking forward to half-term on Friday.

Boarding life at Elstree

Boarding life at Elstree is jam-packed full of fun and can start from Year 4. With the option to flexi or termly board, and a huge variety of boarders’ clubs to choose from, there’s never a dull moment.

Boarders’ Clubs on offer include nearly everything you could possibly imagine: Lego, Hama Beads, Art, Chess, News & Views, Film-making, Backgammon, Torchlight Games, Touch Rugby, Nerf Wars, Coopers’ Cooking, Golf, Card Games, Ultimate Frisbee, Football, Table Tennis, Indoor Games, Wide Game and M-Tech. 

Our flexible approach means that children can board anything from one to seven nights a week. They can build up the number of nights that they board gradually, and families are able to find the right balance between school and home life.  Boarding at Elstree also prepares children for boarding at their Senior Schools and beyond.

Can girls board at Elstree too?

Yes, absolutely. Some of our girls board already. Our new girls’ dormitory for boarding is affectionately named ‘Finlay’, after a much-loved former School Nurse.

Elstree School was delighted to win Independent Boarding School of the Year at the ISOTY Awards 2020.