Year 5 French Trip

The French trip was an amazing experience at the Château;  there was so much to do, activities such as rock climbing and the assault course.  I enjoyed it very much. The outing to Mont Saint Michel was fantastic because we had a walk around the walls with sea views and we were told tales about the history of the place.  We then had time in the shops to buy souvenirs and presents for our families.

At an evening at the Crêperie, we enjoyed delicious savoury and sweet pancakes, it was an interesting opportunity to eat like the French.  We also got to explore a French market in Villedieu to practise what we had learnt in the previous day’s French lesson.  The Château staff were really nice and helpful. The food was exquisite, with some typical local produce including ‘les escargots’.  On the Thursday, we visited the museum at Arromanches and we had a tour of the museum;  I learnt a lot of interesting new facts about the D-Day landings and the models showed very well how everything was orchestrated.  

The goat farm’s visit gave us the opportunity to understand the production of goat cheese.  We also brushed, fed and milked the goats whilst also learning about their anatomy to finally taste some cheese.  Overall it was a fantastic trip and thank you to all the staff who were involved, especially Madame Simonin.


“One of my favourite parts of the French trip was the mud assault course because of how muddy you got;  you also got to learn different French phrases during the activity.” Tom

“I am a new boy and it has been a great way to get to know my peers.  I enjoyed my visit to the museum because it was interesting looking at all the artefacts from World War  Two.”  Toby

“The French trip was amazing – I so enjoyed experiencing a different culture. I  feel that I am a lot more confident speaking in French.”  Ben

“It was a fun trip.   I liked how we practised a lot in French, listening to instructions and speaking.  I enjoyed the activities, canoeing being my favourite as well as the assault course.”   Oliver

“I loved going to the Mont Saint Michel because we explored the place and we bought souvenirs and food independently.  I also really liked the assault course because I love getting muddy and it was very much fun.” Sid

“The French trip was very good.  I enjoyed the canoeing because everyone played together and we all had fun. I enjoyed playing with other people in Year 5.”  Jerry

“I liked the trip as I am a new boy and was able to help with French. I made new friends.”  Felix

“I loved the Crêperie –  the food was nice and we got to chat to our friends at the restaurant.  The rock climbing was my favourite activity. I was also pleased to learn more French and to follow instructions in French.” Francis


“I am a new boy and the trip was fun and very exciting.  My best part was the canoeing because when we first go onto the lake it felt like you were going to fall in but you don’t. I feel that my French has improved as we did activities in French and I understood. I liked visiting the Crêperie because it was the first time I had had  a savoury pancake.”  Baffour